Chef of Week: Chef Taha Chaarawi

2 years ago

Welcome to our new Chef’s Chat Chef of the Week Chef Taha Chaarawi! This impressive chef is from Lebanon and is currently working as a Head Chef in Saudi Arabia. Chef Taha Chaarawi has been a chef for 15 years! He has quite an amazing buildup of dishes that he has created over the years. The presentation on his creations is splendid. Just take a look below at a couple of his creative dishes! Don’t forget to visit his Instagram @chef_tahachaarawi. Chef Taha Chaarawi told us that he loves to cook because of the creativity is involded. We also learned, that in his free time he loves sports!! Such a wonderful chef! Thank you Chef Taha Chaarawi for being our Chef of the Week!


  1. Quintin

    Your work is very impressive chef. I particularly like the first dish and would love to learn more about it.

  2. Q

    Hello Chef! Great dishes, would love to hear some of your recipes that you use

  3. Chef Michael

    I can see that you truly love what you do. The passion and creativity that you put into your dishes is great!

  4. Natalie

    Chef, I love your the creativity you put into the plates that you make – your presentation is amazing!

  5. Chef Andrew

    Chef, you have incredible dishes that you have created. I would love to hear some of your recipes that you use

  6. Chefs Chat

    Welcome to our latest Chef of the Week! Thank you so much Chef Taha Chaarawi for sharing your amazing success story with us! We are very grateful!

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