Chef Nicolas Grosse

2 years ago

We’ve got an excellent new Chef’s Chat Chef of the Week to introduce to everyone. Chef Nicolas Grosse is a wonderful French chef that has years of experience in the industry. He started his incredible career at a young age, while helping his mother make delicious crepes. He continued as a chef in Luxembourg after completing his education. He worked in Luxembourg for a year and a half at the “Sofitel du Grand Ducal”. He then moved his sights to Paris with Cyril Lignac in a one Michelin star restaurant – very impressive chef!!!! Chef Nicolas is now in London and furthered his cheffing career even more! He first worked the grill at the Dorchester under Alain Ducasse and then became a sous chef! Chef Nicolas now has a thriving career at Annabels as a Senior Sous Chef Pastry. You can be sure this chef is one of the best! If you don’t believe us, just look at some of the beautiful pastries this chef has created. Don’t forget to check out his Instagram @nico_grosse as well for even more delicious pastries. When asked what he enjoys cooking, Chef Nicolas said “I love saint-Honoré, which is a typical French classic pastry. It’s my favourite to make, and certainly to eat of course!!!” He told us that while his job is not easy, he still has the BEST job. His love of creating beautiful cakes and pastries is something magic. He is very passionate about his work, and loves embracing different people and cultures. When asked about his hobbies apart from cooking, Chef Nicolas said, “I like to read when I have time, cooking at home with my friends, and of course going out to eat at different restaurants/street food! I’m truly curious about the new things I could discover!!” We are so happy to have this phenomenal chef as our Chef of the Week! Thank you Chef Nicolas Grosse for sharing your story!




  1. Chefs Chat

    Great work @nico57050gmail-com! Such impressive dishes, keep it up!

  2. Chef Michael

    Great work chef – your dishes look excellent

  3. Natalie

    I am blown away with how beautiful your presentation is! Very excellent work chef! Also, I love that you lived in Paris for a bit – one of my favorite cities

  4. Q

    Chef, your dishes that you have created are very impressive. The colors you chose to use as well make your dishes beautiful

  5. Quintin

    WOW!!! You have built up an excellent career for yourself. Your dishes are very elegant and your plating is excellent!

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