Our Mission for Chef’s Chat

6 years ago

Ever wanted to just drop everything and travel the world? We do too. In fact, that is exactly what we decided to do. We quit our jobs and began travelling the world. We have learned so much about other peoples culture, food, and festivals. We have met chefs all over the world, and they have taught us many things. We’ve met chefs from India, the Caribbean, Canada, Mexica, Australia and many other places. Chef’s Chat was designed to help bring chefs around the world together. To help each other find new jobs, share recipes from other cultures, and create new professional relationships. We hope that are platform does exactly that. 


  1. Q

    Happy this platform was created. It makes it easier for chefs to communicate directly, and get some great collaboration.

  2. Chef Michael

    Excellent site, very happy to have found it

  3. Chef Andrew

    Thanks – it’s a great platform and I love that it is free

  4. Quintin

    So happy this site was created – thanks Chef’s Chat!

  5. Natalie

    We are very grateful for this site! It has helped my family find a new job, and made it a smooth transition!

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