Chef of the Week: Chef Junaid!

2 years ago

Welcome to our new Chef’s Chat Chef of the Week! Please meet Chef Junaid! This incredibly talented chef from India has been cooking for only 2 years! He left his corporate job as an IT Project Manager, to pursue his dream of being a chef. He created his first dish when he was only 20. He creates beautiful dishes, that taste amazing. Currently, Chef Junaid is working in India, but has future plans to travel and be a chef in Europe as well. When asked about his favorite dish to cook, Chef Junaid told us that he loves to make Butter Chicken (and he makes a delicious one!). Chef Junaid loves to be a chef because it allows him to connect with people. He also loves to be as creative as possible. This allows him to constantly create very impressive dishes! Outside of cooking, Chef Junaid loves to dance (even dance while cooking! We wish we could see this!). We are so happy to have this amazing new Chef of the Week! Don’t forget to check him out on Instagram @chef_juno_




  1. Chefs Chat

    Incredible work @junaid! Keep it up!

  2. Junaid
  3. Finn Robles
  4. Natalie

    Chef, very impressive work! I love that you are doing what you love now (and you are very good at it!!)

  5. Chef Andrew

    Very nice dishes chef! I think that is amazing you left your corporate job to pursue your passion

  6. Quintin

    Excellent work chef – very nice plating

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