Chef of the Week: Chef James McMahon

2 years ago

Introducing our new Chef of the Week: Chef James McMahon! Chef James is from Highlands in Scotland and has been cooking professionally for 16 years!!! Along with professionally cooking for 16 years, he began creating stir frys and other simple dishes at 10 years old! In these 16+ years, this chef has picked up a couple of tricks along the way – which can easily be seen by the stunning dishes he creates. We have to say, his chef has a talent for plating his dishes – they are absolutely amazing!!! Chef James has learned so much from both chefs in Scotland, and from chefs around the world through all the connections he has built over the years. When we asked Chef James what his favorite dish is to cook, he told us that he LOVES to cook venison!!! He said that it holds a special place in his heart, and it helps that there is an abundance of venison in Scotland! We are hoping Chef James will share some of his delicious venison recipes with us! Chef James loves the rush you get from a busy day of service. He also enjoys the fact that no two days are ever the same – got to love those substitutions from customers! In his spare time, Chef James enjoys foraging, snowboarding, and driving in Japanese cars. The cold climate in Scotland allows for a nice change of pace from being in the heat of a busy kitchen most days. We are so thankful to have Chef James McMahon as our newest Chef of the Week! Don’t forget to check out his Instagram @jimmer_mcmahon!!








  1. Chefs Chat

    Such impressive work chef! Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  2. Chef Michael

    I have to agree, venison is the best!!! Also very impressive that you have over 16 years working as a professional chef!!

  3. Finn Robles
  4. Natalie

    WOW!!! I LOVE the plating for your dishes!! The bright colors you use, make the dishes really pop! Also, would love to hear some of your venison recipes, I am dying to find a good one

  5. Q

    Scotland is one of my favorite places to visit – have not worked there as a chef, but would love to one day. Your dishes look amazing!

  6. Chef Andrew

    Very nice dishes Chef! The plating for these is excellent – also, I have to agree that venison is the best!

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