National Cake Day

3 years ago

Now as some of you may, or may not, know. Today is National Cake Day. Now, who doesn’t enjoy a nice slice of carrot cake, or a delicious sliver of black forrest. Either way, you can’t deny that cakes are delicious. They can also be a complicated thing to make. We would love to hear some of your delicious recipes and secrets on how you make your favorite cake. Share below, or on our Recipe Share chatroom. We can’t wait to hear your secrets!



  1. Q

    Just baked a divine chocolate and vanilla cake – fresh out of the oven this morning

  2. Quintin

    Could always go for chocolate cake

  3. Natalie

    These look amazing. I love National Cake Day! My favorite kind of cake is an oreo chocolate cake!

  4. Chef Andrew

    Those look great! If anyone has a good recipe for a carrot cake, I would love for you to share it.

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