Breakfast Rush

3 years ago

Saturday mornings are meant for a nice warm coffee and breakfast in bed. However, we know that for most of us that is not possible. Weekend mornings are meant for us to wake up early and get started on our prep for the breakfast brunch rush. We get up early to get ready for the day. Brunch is always a busy time. It is the time that most people want their food instantly, and waiting a bit for it is out of the question. It is also a time when most people want to create their own breakfast. However, we still get up in the mornings and prep for it. Why? Because we love the feeling of creating dishes that make people happy.


  1. Q

    I worked at a breakfast place awhile back. Never again…… lunch and dinner only

  2. Chef Michael

    Tuesdays are my favorite (day off)

  3. Natalie

    Definitely need a couple of coffees before brunch

  4. Quintin

    Agreed – I do enjoy making people happy. The substitutions are a killer though during brunch

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