Favourite Food

3 years ago

Everyone enjoys food. We all love to eat different things and we all have preferences about the types of food we enjoy. Some of us prefer a nice rare steak, while others can’t even imagine eating anything from an animal. Each of our unique preferences helps us decide on our favorite food. One of our chefs has said he prefers to eat lamb on the grill with LOTS of MSG. Another one of our chefs simply loves all different types of fruit. We would love to hear about what are some of your favorite foods. Comment below to share your favourites!


  1. Chef Andrew

    Nothing better than a double patty burger with a sunny side up egg and sweet potato fries

  2. Natalie

    I always could go for a nice rare steak with a lite mushroom sauce on top and a side of asparagus.

  3. Quintin

    My favorite food is sushi. I have always enjoyed a nice tuna roll, or some salmon sashimi.

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