2 years ago

Maize is an ingredient that is often overlooked. We tend to not use it in many of our recipes. But why is that? Maize is delicious, and you can use it to create many incredible dishes. We would love to hear your thoughts about where you can use maize in some of your dishes. Comment below, or share some recipes in our Recipe Share chatroom.


  1. Q

    Good for making many different kinds of recipes

  2. Chef Michael

    I like using it to make tortillas

  3. Quintin

    An underrated ingredient for sure

  4. Natalie

    I love to have like a Mexican style street corn: fire-roasted corn with feta cheese, paprika and a bit of salt and pepper

  5. Chef Andrew

    I enjoy using maize to make a traditional South African breakfast called Mieliepap. It used corn meal and makes it into a porridge like dish. It is very good.

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