Restaurant Life

3 years ago

We all know how stressful, chaotic, and intense things can get when you work in a restaurant. The stress of a busy night when everyone in the kitchen is shouting that they need this dish NOW. When you prep from 2pm – 6pm, and then all of the customers decide to come in at the same time. So why do we put ourselves through this? Well we all have a passion to cook. We enjoy the thrill of a busy night, and the calm that comes after everyone has gone. Our passion to cook is what drives us to work in a restaurant.


  1. Quintin

    Nothing like that dinner time rush when everyone comes in at the same time.

  2. Chef Andrew

    I enjoy that first cup of restaurant coffee before beginning my prep for the day.

  3. Chef Michael

    I love the thrill of the night rush.

  4. Natalie

    I agree. The stress and chaos is actually part of what makes the job fun. However, I do love the feeling of sending out that last plate of the night.

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