Chef Jason

2 years ago

Introducing our newest Chef of the Week, Chef Jason! This chef is an incredibly talented chef from Australia that has 20 years of experience in the industry. This has led him to create some delicious, mouth watering plates – just check out some of his creations on his Instagram @chefando  and you will see what we are talking about!

Chef Jason actually made his first dish at only 11 years old. He made a carbonara for a show and tell presentation – quite impressive for a first dish at such a young age!

When asked about why he enjoys being a chef, Chef Jason said that he loves the adrenaline and creativity that he gets from working in a kitchen. Just by looking at his photos, you can easily see how creative and talented this chef really is. Whatever you are in the mood for, he is your go to chef!

Outside of being in a kitchen, Chef Jason likes to listen to punk music and loves to spend quality time with his family.

Thank you Chef Jason for the amazing dishes you create and for being our newest Chef of the Week! Be sure to check out his Instagram and see some of his incredible work!

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