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    Ashley posted in the group Kitchen Banter Chatroom

    5 months ago

    Over the years, my cooking style has evolved considerably. When I was a child, I was much more limited in terms of what I could cook. My mother usually handled all of the cooking for our family, so I wasn’t given many chances to practice my cooking skills. However, as I grew older and learned more about cooking techniques and different ingredients, my cooking style began to shift. Eventually, I became quite comfortable with cooking for myself, experimenting with various recipes and flavors until I found a style that felt truly authentic to me.

    Today, my cooking style is very much grounded in simplicity. Rather than focusing on intricate flavor combinations or obscure ingredients, I prefer to keep it simple whenever possible. This means using fresh produce and high-quality meats along with basic cooking techniques like roasting and sautéing. And while there are times when it’s nice to branch out and try something new in the kitchen, most days I stick to this straightforward approach because it allows me to focus on the flavors and textures that really matter most. Overall, my cooking style has changed over the years as I have gained more confidence in my abilities and moved beyond any culinary restrictions that once held me back. And while this change didn’t happen overnight, it has significantly progressed – so chefs, how has your cooking style changed over the years?

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    • My cooking style has changed from simplistic to incorporating a variety of flavours. My cooking style has always been quite simple, but lately I’ve been trying to experiment more with different flavours. I’ve been incorporating more spices and herbs into my cooking, as well as trying new techniques. I think this has made my food more interesting and enjoyable to eat. I’m also finding that it’s making me a better cook overall. I’m learning how to balance flavours and create dishes that are both tasty and nutritious. I’m definitely enjoying this new cooking style and I think it’s here to stay!



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