Happy Holidays

2 years ago

For many people, the holiday season tends to be when they have some time off and get to relax. For chefs however, that could not be further from the case! This time of year means work, work, work. Everyone is heading out to restaurants to celebrate. Our prep work triples. Our mornings are earlier and our nights get later and later…. However, we still enjoy getting through those rushes, and seeing the smiles on our happy customers faces. We wanted to thank all of our chefs and wish them happy holidays! We would also love to hear some of your favorite holiday traditions. Please share in the comments what you love to do during the holidays!


  1. Quintin

    I enjoy the peace and quiet after the holidays – and spending time with the family

  2. Q

    I enjoy creating new dishes for the holiday specials. There is something nice about holiday food and the festive spirit.

  3. Natalie

    The holidays are my favorite time of year! I enjoy getting to be around friends and family. Even though I am always busy, I do not mind the work because I am doing what I love.

  4. Chef Michael

    The holidays are good fun. I enjoy our staff holiday party.

  5. Chef Andrew

    Thank you Chef’s Chat! The holidays can get a bit stressful in the kitchen, but still grateful for all of the business. My favorite holiday tradition is having breakfast with my family on Christmas morning.

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