Chef of the Week: Quintin

2 years ago

Our new Chef’s Chat Chef of the Week is Chef Quintin! Quintin his a highly talented chef with years of experience. He first began creating dishes in 2007 when he was 24. Quintin was born in South Africa, where he discovered his love of cooking. This passion for cooking took him around the world. Quintin has traveled to places like Dubai, England, the Cayman Islands and more. The first dish he ever created was a delicious steak tartar, but his favorite dish to cook is a mouth-watering shrimp pasta with a creamy garlic sauce. Quintin told us that he loves being a chef because he likes to see the joy that it brings to people when they taste a delicious meal.


  1. Q

    Very nice chef! I would love to hear more about your travels abroad, I have sent you a PM

  2. Chef Andrew

    mmmmm steak tartar! Very impressive for a first dish

  3. Natalie

    Aww such a cute baby! Also, that is amazing that you have travelled the world being a chef. Very inspiring

  4. Chef Michael

    I love your dishes! Very creative, also enjoy a creamy pasta as well

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