Chef of the Week: Chef Xander Z👨‍🍳

1 year ago

Introducing our new Chef of the Week, Chef Xander Z! This incredibly talented chef has over 27 years of experience working in all aspects of a restaurant. He knows the industry inside and out! This helps to make him an incredible asset to have! Chef Xander Z was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. From there, he traveled around South East Asia and currently is working in China. His traveling adventures have helped shape him into becoming the incredible chef that he is today! In fact, travelling is one of Chef Xander Z’s hobbies. He loves exploring cultures and learning as much as he can about people through traditional dishes. He said, “I could literally tell you what roadside stall in Siem Reap in Cambodia has the best spring rolls because I’ve literally eaten spring rolls from every place that makes them! If I can’t cook, and I can’t travel, then I am thinking about cooking and traveling.”

When asked about what his favorite dish to make is, he told us “Gosh this is a tough question because there are so many dishes I love. I love preparing seasonal dishes – using whatever quality seasonal ingredients are available. It’s the ingredients that inspire me. Today it might be a ratatouille, tomorrow it might be a pasta, the day after that it could be a citrus olive oil cake.” Spoken like a true chef!! You can easily see from the dishes that Chef Xander Z creates, that they are of the upmost quality!

What many people do not know is that Chef Xander actually created his first dish from a vintage 70s cookbook that his mother had at the age of 9. He made a chasseur chicken and it was extremely tasty! Before that, Chef Xander Z enjoyed playing around in the kitchen and concocting many creative, and unusual, dishes.

His passion, creativity, and love of food help to create this phenomenal chef! To see more of the work that Chef Xander Z does, be sure to check out his Instagram @xanderzweig – trust us, you won’t be disappointed! He is a highly creative, and dedicated chef! Thank you so much Chef Xander Z for sharing your story!


  1. Chef Andrew

    Excellent work chef, travelling around the world is the best! What countries have you been to @chef-xander?

    • Xander

      Thank you, Chef Andrew! I’ve been an expat since 2010 full time basically. Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, China (where I’m based now) Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, UK, Italy…and of course Southern Africa (where I’m from) – Botswana, Namibia etc. Still so many places I’d like to go – South America, Middle East, Loads of European countries…France of course…so many places, so little time…haha

  2. Chefs Chat

    Thank you for sharing your story with us @chef-xander

  3. Chef Michael

    Traveling is the best way to learn about other cultures and enhance your skills from what you learn from locals

    • Xander

      Absolutely agree! One of my favorite dishes to prepare was by watching a local street vendor (tiniest little food stall) prepare a freshwater crab dish with lime, scallion and chili in Cambodia. Simple, fresh and utterly delicious.

  4. Q

    Very impressive work chef! Keep up the great work!

  5. Natalie

    Congratulations Chef! Thanks for sharing your story! I LOVE the presentation of your dishes ❤

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